Ресурс 2


Ресурс 2

Frame inspiration

Inspired by eyewear forms from the past with a wandering eye toward the future, our frames combines unique, high-quality acetate materials and joyful colors that make us feel happy inside. 

What does Wolfspout mean? We like to describe it as that magical feeling you get when you stand where the land meets the sea.

Behind the brand

Born of two brains, Wolfspout is the creation of Danielle McWaters and Lauren Meeker. We’re two friends who live in different places (both where forests meet the ocean) with different styles and hopes and dreams and fashion needs and yet all had the same humble challenge — we wanted sunglasses that just looked different than those same styles we were seeing everywhere. Bold, but beautiful. Weird, but wearable. Iconic, but still perfect for everyday.

The story of Wolfspout

Dancing amidst the glittering marine kelp beds, a tiny paramecium contemplated their floating existence.

They swirled along the seafloor, rising up with the tides and meandering across barnacle blooming pathways.

Feeling the pull that adventure was near, they found themself drawn gently into a baleen breath with their phytoplankton playmates.

It was dark and glowy and beautiful…this cetaceous grotto was otherworldly, like the fleeting interstitial fugue state when leaving the night’s dreams behind but not yet entering real life.

The behemoth mammal winked its wise knowing eye as the paramecium floundered to the surface on the jet stream of its exhale. They were ready.

They burst from the sea on a sparkling stream of air and fluttered onto the glistening soil, tumbling past mushroom forests and ladybug caverns and dewy moss-covered boulders.

A baby fawn looked up, curious, blinking a lush fringe of inky lashes as it briefly paused chewing its dandelion dinner.

As the sun set and orange and magenta bloomed across the sky, and mist settled around the ancient trees, a luna wolf loped across the soft grass, brushing past the tiny organism, leaving furrows in the emerald earth.

Or at least that’s what we think happened :)